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Special Training


With the world changing rapidly, and technology evolving, we have decided to fully immerse into the new wave.  Brian Hilliard is now offering online VIDEO, group and personal training, on a variety of platforms!!  This is a great opportunity to have Brian come to you, or you come to him, right in the comfort of your own home or dojo!!  Send a message today and get started smashing your goals!!

Bring Brian to your Dojo, Club, or Gym:

Have Brian visit your club, dojo, or gym, for an exciting and fun event, for athletes and practitioners of all ages, ranks, and levels.  

From beginning to elite level, your athletes will enjoy learning and training with one of the USA's best, as he shares skills, drills, tactics, strategies, and games, as well as some of his secrets, that will help take your athletes' game to the next level!


- Who: Athletes of all ages, ranks and levels

- What: Will learn techniques, skills, and strategies to help them improve and apply these training in practical situations that transfer directly to competition 

- Where: At your dojo, club, or gym in your hometown

When: Send us a message or email for more information on scheduling the best time that will benefit your athletes

Why: Brian approaches with an innovative and fun way to learn and implement skills, and breaks the most complex strategies down to the base so athletes of any level will understand..and for those elite athletes, he gives some of the best kept secrets that help him win championships

- Brian will share invaluable knowledge of the fight game, and cutting edge techniques and skills, utilized from his experience traveling, and competing globally at the highest level.  This gives your athletes a jump start on world level experience and 



"Thank you Sensei Brian! We all enjoyed you. The training was AMAZING! 🏂" - James Lee (James Lee Karate)

"Please return some day - you were fantastic!" - Mary Hughson Brown

"Anytime you want to come back and kick David Witt in the face again, Come On down!!! He learned a little more.All 3 guys loved your class! You're "fast", um "so fast", um "Ridiculous". Can't wait to see you in the Olympics after which David can say, "I got kicked in the face by an Olympic champion" - Mary Miller Witt

"I've learned so much...looking forward to his seminar in the future" - 

"I'm still (on) cloud nine..I couldn't stop thinking about the experience..I've learned so much from you and your kumite techniques" - 

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